Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is one of the few national parks in Tanzania, who flora and fauna have not been elaborately described to prospective guest, making the park being overlooked and skipped during the Tanzania’s northern circuit safaris.

Apart from Tarangire National Park’s collage of varied colors of vegetation, supported by the water system to create a fantastic hue, the park is home to large concentrations of wildlife, all which can be observed from multiple angles: from the incredible views on the hilltop at Tarangire Safari Lodge where all one needs to do is perch themselves on a chair with a pair of binoculars or experience an alternative game viewing experience at superb camps such as Swala, where the wildlife and the action that follow it are less than 15 feet away from a guest’s tent. The birdlife at Tarangire are unmatched attracting 550 species seen easily on the Acacia and Baobab trees and on the riverbeds of the Tarangire River.